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ProvisionGARD is pleased to provide the following videos in reference to our fumigation alternative package treatment. Please check back often for updates.

Expert Discussion on ProvisionGard Insect Prevention Technology

ProvisionGard Food Packaging Treatment Insect Prevention Study

ProvisionGARD Insect Blocking Packaging Insect Study

ProvisionGARD is a fumigation alternative insect blocking packaging for shipping and storing food. This example is Moses Biologic for a major flour producer in the US using paper and woven treated packaging.

Pennington Endorses ProvisionGard

Kansas State Food Package Study

A study conducted by Kansas State on food packaged in treated packaging for ProvisionGard.

Dr. Bhadriraju Subramanyam Recommends ProvisionGard

Dr. Bhadriraju Subramanyam, chair of Kansas State Entomology Department speaking on behalf of ProvisionGard at the South Asia IAOM conference held in India December 2018.

These Everyday Foods Are Full o’ Bugs
Courtesy Origins of Food on YouTube