Application of ProvisionGARD

How is PROVISIONGARD® applied?

Fiber Drum prevents indian meal mothsProvisionGARD is an insect preventing fumigation alternative used to combat infestation by Indian Meal Moths, Grain Beetles and Flour Beetles. ProvisionGard® insect-suppression coating is ideally applied to paper-based packaging during the printing or converting process. In many instances, ProvisionGard® water-based coating replaces the coating already in use. Flexographic and rotogravure are the usual application methods. Typical coating weights required vary from 1.0 – 2.0 pounds per 3000 square foot ream.

ProvisionGard® products can also be used in Woven Polypropylene packaging. Here, the insect-resistant “active” is incorporated into the BOPP/WPP material during the lamination process via a food-grade polyethylene pellet additive, excellent for rice packaging safety.

Film Protects PE Pellets in a boxFilms can also be produced using these same additive pellets by mixing them during the film casting or blowing process. This could include creating multi-layer film structures for film packaging and even stretch-film.

Adhesives for film and paper bonding can deliver the ProvisionGard active by a simple addition to their current formulation. This includes solvent-based, solventless, and water-based systems.

Once applied, we can supply a certificate of fumigation upon request.

Technical Data / Product Data Sheet