Case Studies

Empirical Test Data

ProvisionGard Testing PackagesSince 2004, dozens of tests comparing customers’ existing packages to the same packages prepared with ProvisionGard® products have been completed. Food types have included breakfast cereals, granola bars, rice, pasta, dried fruit, nuts, pet treats, pet food, bird seed, and animal feeds.

Over all of these tests, results have been remarkably consistent regardless of the package type or food contained within the package. Insect control with ProvisionGard® is less a function of package type or food being protected, as it is simply the exposure of insects to the patented combination of coating and insect-growth regulator. Typically, over a 90-day testing period, the difference in insect population between a control and treated package is 85 – 98%.

Case Studies

In addition to lab-based infestation studies, field testing in distribution centers have also been conducted yielding the same range of results predicted by the lab testing.

It may, however, not be necessary to incur the time and expense of a custom trial. A large quantity of “blinded” archival data is available to prospective customers who want to evaluate the efficacy of ProvisionGard® coating on their package and their product. Please give us a call to discuss your particular interest and circumstance.