Independent Paper Multiwall Bag Study

Summary Chart of Average Number Insects Observed by Species Between Treated and Control Paper Multiwall Bags

The following is a comparison of ProvisionGARD coated and untreated control bags. Blue indicates the Red Flour Beetle, red represents the Sawtooth Grain Beetle, and green stands for the Indian Meal Moth. There were two products used: Whole Wheat Flour and Malted Barley. Both were divided into two control bags; one being treated with ProvisionGARD, the other left untreated. They were tested after 90 days. Note the dramatic difference of insect infestation. Bags treated with ProvisionGARD had minimal results (seven Flour Beetles and Grain Beetles, 18 Grain Beetles in the Malted Barley. The untreated bags showed over 400 of both in the Whole Wheat Flour, and over 600 in the Malted Barley.
indian meal moth grain flour beetle study