Prevent Pet Food Package Infestation

The pet food market is an estimated 36 billion dollar industry. Exporting, shipping and storing without infestation such as the Khapra Beetle and Indian Meal Moth are of great concern.

Pet Food ExportsProvisionGard™ Technology can prevent pet food package infestation and help with pet food shipping and export insect prevention. By treating the woven polypropylene and multi-ply polypropylene bags typically found in packaged pet food, ProvisionGard™ controls insect infestation for over 2 years by preventing insects from evolving through their lifecycle stages. In this way, treated pet food packaging can reduce consumer complaints, inventory returns, and retail charge-backs for exporting, storing and shipping pet food products.

Some of ProvisionGard™’s client’s include protecting the Pennington Birdseed brand from insect infestation and many more in the pet food industry.